Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I am not a bad guy or an mean DM.. (Yeah, that's the ticket.)

After reading my post on the parties body count, I seem to come off as an ahole.

I am not, despite what Pez says.

Here's the low down.

Our party has played the game for over 2 years off and on together. In the early days I was way too kind. Nobody died, the players always killed the bad guy fairly easy, and got way too many magical items way too early. Thus causing a balance issue making the game for no one by the time we hit level 14.

After a break for a few months we regrouped, recharged with a new outlook.

1. Less Dungeon Crawling- We have DC enough at this point in our D&D sessions.

2 .(ties into #1) More roleplaying and more story, less hack and slash.

3. House rules. They were set up in our first session and everybody understand them.

4. We are going low tech. Pens, paper, rolling HP, and ability scores. Not using a point buy system or average HP per level/class may seem to cause a unbalance between players, however, I do not find that too be true, you may have to message a few things here and there but in the long run it has made things more even.

5. Start at level 1. At one time we would start at level 4 or 5 so the PCs were not so weak they could do very little. But, by starting at level 1 the players are more attached to their characters and seem to be able to roleplay them better then ever.

My point this is, my players are looking for a challenge and when they have to fight for their lives and know that they could die, they step their game up 100%.

(Dedicated to Aust.)

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