Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't party with us.

If I was an adventurer and my group of PCs asked me to party with them, I would have to turn them down.

Why you ask?

First off, its not the players I am talking about. They are amazing players and I would not trade them for anybody. However, their PCs have been having some bad luck with people they hire on into their party. I think they are up to a 5 deaths in 5 games.

First it was a fighter and a wizard, however that is not truly the parties, the players running those characters didn't mesh with the group and we all parted ways. To make the story work they were bumped off.

Next they got help from a Gnome sorcerer, who met his end at the hands of a dwarf skeleton and then had his body thrown down a chasm by the PCs so they did not have to lug him around and a bunch of treasure.

I think the next game was death free, however, Royo the Rogue was dropped to -2 by a half troll by the name of Dematrillus. If my memory serves me correctly he failed his checks to become stable all the way -9 and to make the case worse Pez the cleric was also dropped. Leaving Elias the fighter to finish the job, which he did, losing his arm in the process. Lucky he had a potion he shoved down Pez's windpipe and Pez healed Royo before he fell below -10.

Game 1 of the sons of Gruumish game the party hired on a sorceress named Goldmoon and a half-orc Barbarian/ranger named Zoloft Shaker, who was a old friend of Royo's. Zoloft met her end at the hands of a Ogre zombie, that Pez forgot his healing spells would harm. Game 2 Goldmoon was dropped by a Dire boar and coup de gra'd by a Orc. (Which caused the person who is running her to hate me.) My party forgets that they can try to get these people res'd, but they are too cheap for such a grand procedure.

Like I said, they are developing a great reputation for killing monsters and hunting bounties, but they are also developing a reputation that if you join their party the odds are against you.


luis791 said...

So I did forget that healing spells hurt zombies but if you think about it, it makes sense. Since I was lvl 3 I had not read that part in my bible of Moridin!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, or your Players Handbook ;)