Sunday, March 30, 2008

Game ideas Part II.

Feel free to take this story starters and work them into your game:
Yesterday morning I was reading a book of stories to my little daughter and it hit me, a great place to draw ideas for a D&D game are fairy tales. They are set in a "D&D" type of world with magic, dragons, knights and castles. Our first concept:

Jack and the beanstalk.

This story would work great for a D&D game.. It has it all:

Magical Treasure: The golden goose, the magical harp and tons of gold and other loot.

Castle: The entire adventure would take place in a Cloud Giant's castle. Wow.

Giant: The main villain would be a Cloud Giant, plus I am sure this guy would have some pretty wicked minions working for him.

Getting Started:

First things first, magic beans. If you have a PC with a low INT you could easily have someone trade him some gear or gold for the beans, or if you have a sticky fingered Halfling in the group put them in a place where he or she will see them and they won't be able to resist the chance to snatch them.

Of course other ideas work great, such as the beanstalk already exists in some hamlet and a group of brave adventures went up the stalk years ago and never returned and the villagers are to scared to go up after them.

A wizards or a druids spell went horribly wrong resulting in the massive beanstalk.

Gygax wrote an adventure that was a take on Alice and Wonderland, even though I personally have never played it or ran it, I read it over and it looks amazing. If you have kids and are looking for ideas for a D&D game look no further than their bookshelf.

Do you have any story book ideas for a game? Or, any ideas for a "Jack" and the beanstalk themed game?


Shadow14_8 said...

This is a great idea! Also I have a book of Mythology from all over the world. We are all fairly fimiliar with Greek and Roman gods and their storys but try reading some mythology from Australian Aborigines or the Mayan culture for example. These storys (Especially Sumerian, Greek, and Egyptian)are where our fantasy worlds began and no doubt where Tolkien and Gygax got some of there inspiration. Its amazing to me that these storys are still part of our lives thousands of years later and have changed in some ways but still tell the same story and lessons

Ryan Walters said...

Its amazing how many places one can find ideas for D&D games. With a little reworking of details such as names, places, setting, and time most adventure movies, action stories, and TV shows can be reformatted to fit D&D.