Friday, March 28, 2008

More ideas than time.

One of the biggest problems I face is the lack of time to run D&D games and the amount of ideas I have for the game. If I were to compare the amount of time I have to prepare for games, to actually run a game that all of my players can come to, the time it takes away from the family; to how many new ideas I would like to try and have, it would be like comparing one of 10,000 lakes of Minnesota to the Pacific Ocean.

Here are a few of the ideas I have been kicking around:

ArrrrgGG, who doesn't love pirates, and ever since those pirate movies with Johnny Depp came out everybody loves a good buccaneer! I think the first movie would make a great D&D game. A little reworking, but it would be a blast.

I never played in a Dark Sun campaign but a sand game with pyramids, mummies, evil sand monsters and a blazing hot sun would be fun to run.

I have never ran an entire undead game before. I started to write one and ran it for a few weeks but we moved on to other things before we got to the meat and potatoes. Zombies, wights, and litches are great monsters.

Son of a god.
You might know where I am going with this. I sit in church every week and I think about D&D because our weekly D&D game is on Saturday nights and normally wraps up about 4 hours before I go to church on Sunday morning. I always thought the story of some gods son coming to the realm to shake things up would be great. (Actually, there are tons of great ideas for D&D games found in the Christian bible.)

More ideas coming soon.

Till next time....

What ideas do you have for a "great" game? What makes for a good location?

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